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Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki is a National Political Correspondent for NBC News & MSNBC, reporting on the latest political developments across all platforms. For MSNBC’s election coverage, Steve consistently provides real-time analysis of voting patterns, exit polls, and electoral data. During the 2020 election, Kornacki drew praise for his performance at the Big Board with the Associated Press naming him “the breakout star of MSNBC’s election coverage.”

Following his success during the election season, Kornacki took his talents to NBC Sports’ “Football Night in America” and “Sunday Night Football” to break down the evolving NFL playoff picture.

Kornacki is the author of “The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism” and served as host of “Article II: Inside Impeachment,” a NBC News podcast dedicated exclusively to covering the impeachment inquiry.

Previously, Konacki hosted the 4 p.m. hour of MSNBC Live, the Monday edition of “MTP Daily,” “Up with Steve Kornacki” on Saturdays and Sundats and was a co-host on MSNBC’s “The Cycle.” Prior to MSNBC, he wrote for the New York Observer, covered Congress for Roll Call, and was the politics editor for Salon. 

Kornacki also spent three years in New Jersey, chronicling state politics and co-hosting a weekly show on News 12 New Jersey, a 24-hour cable news channel.

His work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, Boston Globe, Daily Beast and at Capital New York, where he’s written a series of deeply-researched profiles of prominent New York political figures. He is a native of Groton, Mass. and graduated from Boston University.

Steve Kornacki’s acceptance speech

From RTDNA/RTDNF Executive Director Dan Shelley

“He’s been described as a robot who never needs to eat or sleep. He’s been called a data nerd. He was even named one of People magazine’s sexiest men alive (much to his horror, or so he says). But RTDNF Trustees decided to present Steve with this award for his unparalleled ability to help the American people make sense of the complicated facts and figures regarding elections and other issues of public concern.”

About the First Amendment Clarity Award 

This award recognizes a journalist or group of journalists who go to extraordinary lengths to provide meaning and context to complicated news stories or issues of extreme public importance.

First Amendment Clarity Award — 2022, Steve Kornacki

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