First Amendment Clarity Award

This award recognizes a journalist or group of journalists who go to extraordinary lengths to provide meaning and context to complicated news stories or issues of extreme public importance.

2018 “Road Warriors” of NBC News

In 2016, NBC News and MSNBC introduced the Road Warriors – a group of correspondents and reporters deployed to battleground states across the country to cover politics on a hyperlocal level. Since the 2016 election and through the 2018 midterms, the network’s journalists have continued to travel from coast to coast covering local, state and national races for NBC News, MSNBC and NBC News Digital. As the 2020 presidential race begins to take shape, these Road Warriors will continue to crisscross the U.S. to highlight the issues shaping the election, put voters at the center of political reporting and bring the stories of the American electorate to all NBC News platforms.

  • Mariana Atencio
  • Catie Beck
  • Shaq Brewster
  • Leigh Ann Caldwell
  • Rehema Ellis
  • Garrett Haake
  • Vaughn Hillyard
  • Kasie Hunt
  • Chris Jansing
  • Jo Ling Kent
  • Mike Memoli
  • Steve Patterson
  • Heidi Przybyla
  • Morgan Radford
  • Gadi Schwartz
  • Jacob Soboroff
  • Kevin Tibbles
  • Ali Vitali

First Amendment Clarity Award 2019

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